Mitsubishi Elevator

Streamlined operation in the warehouse and on the fully automated factory floor

About customer

One of the leading worldwide producers of elevators, escalators, moving walks, and cargo lifts, founded in 1987.
Industry: manufacturing
Production capability: 1M+ shaft doors/year

Project highlights

Quicktron automated area: 6,000 m²
Shelf-to-person robots: 11
Workstations: 1
Cycle time: 15 sec
Automated spare parts and auxiliary materials picking, replenishment, and inventory check. Enhanced safety and efficiency of materials handling in sheet metal workshop.


Shanghai Mitsubishi prioritizes smart manufacturing, having incorporated 130+ different types of robots. 


After the initial warehouse project that enabled only one operator to do spare parts picking for workshops and after-service delivery, Quicktron robots expanded to the factory floor.


Moving loads up to 1500kg, robots ensure a seamless connection between the production lines in a fully automated sheet metal workshop. Quicktron and Mitsubishi Elevator are preparing to expand collaboration to another workshop.

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