Goodcang England

Reliable cross-border e-commerce amid a pandemic

About customer

China's first-ranking overseas warehouse firm by total area of warehouses operated.
Industry: cross-border e-commerce 3PL
Inventory: 2M items, 58,641 SKUs
Daily orders: 17,000
Order profile: 85% multi item orders

Project highlights

Quicktron automated area: 10,200m²
Shelf-to-person robots: 128
Workstations: 11


An overseas warehouse firm Goodcang has built a cross-border e-commerce logistics network covering more than 30 countries on six continents.


To provide seamless, reliable services unaffected by pandemic-induced restrictions, the company automated its UK warehouse with 128 shelf-to-person robots.
Today, in a newly built warehouse, a team of 11 fulfills an average of 17,000 orders daily, and the company’s commitment to ship within 24 hours.

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