Cainiao x Flash Express Thailand

Thailand’s largest mobile robots warehouse

About customer

Founded in 2017, Flash Express is Thailand’s top private courier firm, delivering up to 2 million packages daily.
Industry: 3PL servicing e-commerce
Orders Volume: 12,000 - 28,000 orders/day

Project highlights

Quicktron automated area: 5,000 m2
Shelf-to-person robots: 168
Workstations: 12, 16 for peak season
Shelves: 996
Efficiency: 350 items/hour/station


Full warehouse transformation with shelf-to-person robots, flat belt conveyors, inclining conveyors, balance wheel sorters, case unpackers, and other automation equipment. Quicktron provided a robotic solution for the joint project of Cainiao and Flash Express, Thailand’s first logistics unicorn.


Flexible addition of workstations, shelf-to-person robots allowed Flash Express to increase picking efficiency, and approach its delivery goals: 1-2 days anywhere in Thailand, 3-7 days -- across South-East Asia. The project accelerates Thailand’s logistic transformation to meet the demands of the e-commerce boom.

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