One of the world’s largest automated bin-to-person warehouses

About customer

Winit is an integrated supply chain solutions provider for cross-border e-commerce with warehouses worldwide.

Project highlights

Quicktron Automated Area: 1500 m²
Workstations: 16
QuickBin Robots: 154+
Inbound efficiency: 1500 bins/hour
Outbound efficiency:1500 bins/hour


From its Bremen warehouse, Winit handles the dispatch of goods from various cross-border online sellers. The goods arrive at Winit unpalletized and are distributed directly to conveyor belts.

Quicktron's patented QuickBin solution enabled fine-tuning of the inbound processes, connecting robots seamlessly with the conveyor belts, as well as organizing high-density storage of high SKU count stock, and increasing picking efficiency.


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